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A professional home inspection is an independent, unbiased review of your home or property based on more than 200 factors. Because we use the latest equipment, technology and other testing tools, Catskill Mountain Home Inspections are fast and non-invasive. Depending on the size and condition of the home, a full home inspection will usually take between two and three hours.

If you have the time, it’s always a good idea to accompany your inspector during the property inspection, so that you have visual reinforcement of our suggestions. We welcome your questions and address your concerns as we walk through the building / property together. If you don’t have the time to participate in the inspection, you will still know the true condition of your home after the inspection is completed. We always create a detailed written report documenting all of our findings and our inspectors provide a free follow-up phone consultation.

What is a Home Inspection?: Rental Process


  • It always starts with a phone call or email. Once we have basic information about the type of inspection you need and the location/size of the property, we are able to provide you with a quote for service.

  • At the inspection we begin by asking you about any particular problem areas you want us to focus on. If you have requested a full home inspection, we inspect every major area of your home, including the foundation, structure, exterior finishes, plumbing, electrical systems and roof. 

  • We note any possible problem areas and take high definition photographs as we go.

  • Our goal is not only to identify problems, but also determine the true condition of your home. You might have a leaky roof and peeling paint, for instance, but your house could be structurally sound and need very little work to bring it back to its prime.

  • When we are finished with the property inspection, we create a detailed report outlining what we found, the criticality of each problem area, and clear suggestions for remediation. The report contains high definition photographs that allow you to see every detail. At your convenience, we follow up with a phone consultation.

What is a Home Inspection?: Rental Process


Our inspections are performed in accordance with NACHI (National Association of Certified Home Inspectors) standards. NACHI is the most recognized and respected organization of home inspectors in North America.

We also inspect properties the way we would inspect our own. We understand that many clients have limited construction experience which is the reason they hire us, so we structure the report with HD photos and state-of-the-art inspection software. Our inspectors write each report unique to the property inspected, we use language to communicate effectively and efficiently to our clients.

What is a Home Inspection?: Rental Process
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