Whether the home you want to purchase is a century old or new construction, the best way to know its true condition is to have a professional home inspection performed. Catskill Mountain Home Inspections is trained and licensed to identify all potential problem areas and pinpoint which ones require immediate attention.

We check the condition of the structure, foundation, electrical, plumbing, heating and A/C, the roof, interior, exterior grounds, and every other potential problem area. 



Whether you are selling your home on your own or using a Realtor, it’s always wise to have a professional home inspection. Your home might have hidden problems that you weren’t aware of, and it is better that you know about the problems before entering into contract negotiations.

Catskill Mountain Home Inspections will give you an accurate assessment of your home’s condition. We’ll help you understand which problems need to be addressed before the sale and which ones can wait. We help you have the information you need to be able to negotiate a fair price.



If you are building a home, the quality of construction can vary widely from job site to job site. Many buyers have independent reviews of their home during various stages of the construction process, including foundation laying, framing, interior and final inspection. These relatively inexpensive inspections protect your investment, prevent unpleasant surprises, and ensure the quality of your home before your final purchase.



A walk-through inspection is a home inspection without a written report, photos or video. For this option, you have the opportunity to accompany the inspector to provide you with a better understanding of the condition of your present home or the home you are considering for purchase.