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Whether the home you want to purchase is a century old or new construction, the best way to know its true condition is to have a professional home inspection performed. Our home inspectors are trained to identify all potential problem areas and pinpoint which ones require immediate attention.

During the inspection, we perform a non-invasive, visible inspection of the home and check the age and working condition of the following accessible areas and their components:

  • Roof

  • Siding

  • Electrical System

  • Cooling | Heating Systems

  • Doors | Windows

  • Foundation | Structure

  • Ceilings | Floors | Walls

  • Water Heater

  • Plumbing System

  • Built-in Appliances

  • Walkways | Driveway | Patios

  • Attic | Basement | Crawlspace

  • Fireplace

  • Garages | Detached Buildings

  • And more…

Buyer Inspection: Features
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