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Countryside Wooden House


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Did you know that radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer after smoking? One cannot see, smell or taste a radon. It is a hazardous gas that you can breathe air-containing radon and may increase your risk of getting lung cancer. Radon testing is a US standard for reducing radon in homes. Testing is the only way to find out about your home’s radon level. The USEPA recommends testing of all homes below the second floor for radon.

Glasses of Water


Catskill Mountain Home Inspections performs water tests for fecal coliform, E.coli bacteria, lead, nitrates and nitrites. Using specially designed receptacles, samples are taken from the closest point of entry such as a kitchen or lavatory faucet or tap – different tests require different sampling techniques and specific protocols. Contact us today for more information.

Termite Control


Catskill Mountain Home Inspections will conduct a thorough analysis of the structure looking for evidence of wood destroying insect activity. This may be live insects, of course, but also includes dead insects, boring activity, exit holes, frass (powdery excreta of insects), sawdust, or shelter tubes. Visible damage due to wood destroying insects will be documented.

Pipe Replacement


Septic dye testing is a non-invasive procedure that is sometimes used to determine the condition of the components of a home's waste system. A septic dye test can expose obvious leaks and inadequacies in the system and indicate the need for repairs or alterations. It involves the introduction of a fluorescent dye into the septic system, which is "traced" to ascertain that the septic system can handle the volume of waste that is currently being put through it.

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